Charlotte Herzig

1983/Vevey, Switzerland, lives and works in Brussels


Breaking Through Into, wallpainting project, Kunst und Bau, Marktgasse, Bern
(Un) Certain Ground,Group show, Centre Pasquart, Biel, CH


2010–12 San Francisco Art Institute,
Master in Fine Arts, Painting departement, SFAI (US)

2003–07 University of Art and Design of Lausanne,
Visual Arts, ECAL (CH)


Fondation Leenaards, Grant, Lausanne

Nestlé Art Prize, Vevey

PrixKiefer Hablitzel, Fondation Kiefer Hablitzel, Bern

PrixKiefer Hablitzel, Fondation Kiefer Hablitzel, Bern



I like a Bigger Garden
with Ben Sledsens and Joséphine Troller
group show organized by Fanni Fetzer
Kunstmuseum Luzern, Luzern (CH)


It has no name so I style it “The way”
solo show
Wilde gallery, Basel (CH)

The Sunrise Sings
group show organized by Chus Martìnez
Tarmak22, Gstaad (CH)

By repetition you start noticing details in the landscape 
group show
Le Commun, organized by, Geneva (CH)

Der Ring
group show
Artemis Fontana, Paris


ASPN gallery, Leipzig (DE)

Murals with Sarah Margnetti,
La ferme de la Chappelle, Lancy (CH)


Sun down
group show,
Art Bärtschi, Geneva

Goodbye show
group show,
Frankfurt am Main, Berlin

Strange Truths in Undiscovered Lands
group show, with Estanis Comella and Mirela Moscu
curated by Àngels Miralda
Bombon Projects, Barcelona

a theatre play by Old Masters,
Théâtre de l’Usine, Geneva


From Berlin with Love
group show organized by Samuel Gross
Swiss Institute, Rome

Hits and misses
solo show,
le Loft, Art Bärtschi, Geneva

Harmless Hiccup
solo show,
LambdaLambdaLambda, Prishtina, Kosovo

Between you and me
duo show with Maria Schumacher,
Bistro 2, Leipzig

Circle up the hill
solo show,
L’Ascensore, Palermo, Sicily


Stir Crazy
solo presentation, Nestlé art Prize
Wellness Center, Vevey

Stanchezza Passeggera
solo show,
Studiolo, Milano

Boss said that we should fix the bridge after lunch
duo show together with Guy Meldem,
Davel 14, Pully

The Free Design
group show,
organized by Denis Pernet,
Art Bärtschi, Geneva

La professionnalisation des sentiments (feelings at work)
Swiss Art Awards
Messe, Basel

400 1000 2000
duo show with Jean-Baptiste Bouvet
Studio Orianen, Berlin

La Grande Place
group show,
CACY, Yverdon

Les émotions spatiales
in collaboration with Christopher Füllemann,
La Placette, Lausanne

Discreet Justice
group show with Catherine Biocca,
organized by Aaron Bogart,
PSM, Berlin

Enthousiasme, improvisation
(your heart skips a beat),
Solo show,
Frankfurt am Main, Berlin

group show,
organized by Elise Lammer,
DUVE, Berlin

a theatre play by Old Masters,
Théâtre de l’Usine, Geneva


Design Curio Art Basel Design,
invitation by designer Sybille Stöckli,
Messe, Basel

Il frutto dentro di me duo show
with Andreas Hochchuli,
Kunsthaus Langenthal, Langenthal


Association New
group show,
Salts, Basel

Onion, shape, choreography
performance with Anne–Sylvie Henchoz,
n/a, Oakland, USA

Space is the place
group show,
organized by Fabio Marco Pirovino,
John Merz’studio, Berlin

Kunsthalle Rovedero artist residency,
by Elise Lammer in Rovedero,
Grisons, Switzerland

group show with Tobias Spichtig and Henning Strassburger
BolteLang, Zürich

group show
with Katharina Fengler and Sonia Kacem,
curated by Samuel Leuenberger and Elise Lammer, Autocenter, Berlin


En forme de (escalier), en forme de (palmier), en forme de (soucoupe)
performance with Anne Sylvie Henchoz, théâtre de Sévelin,
Festival Les Urbaines, Lausanne

Boss said that we should blow up the bridge at midnight
with Guy Meldem and guests, Curtat Tunnel, Lausanne

Glassel Park Series invited by Brice Bishoff for a collaboration,
Cirrus gallery, Los Angeles

Harum Scarum
group show organised by Guillaume Pilet,
Blancpain Art Contemporain, Geneva

Plate Mappe
group show organized by Tatiana Rhis,
Curtat Tunnel, Lausanne


13 for 13 group show,
PSU, Portland, USA Tenderloin invited by Tatiana Rihs,
Die Diele, Zürich

Master Piece
group show,
Espace Saint-Valentin, Lausanne

Moonlight Bay
duo show with Marie Beaumont,
Doll, Lausanne

Come Inside
with Christopher Füllemann et Rachel Weiss,
Swell Gallery, Art Institute, San Francisco


Yé jolire
group show with Jacob Bendjama, Stéphane Devidal and Jean-Christophe Huguenin,
Espace Curtat, Lausanne

The Left Kidney
solo show,
Flux Factory, New York

Clusters 1- Surrounding John Giorno
group show, exhibition display with Jeannne Salomé Rochat,
Brachfeld Gallery, Paris

I could do that, no you couldn’t
group show,
Neue Galerie & Milieu Galerie, Bern

La Vie Facile
group show put together with Simon Haenni and Maud Constantin,
Espace Curtat, Lausanne

Herzig et Füllemann
duo with Christopher Fülleman,
Display Cabinet, Prilly

Comme une araignée
solo show,
Sweet Geranium, Glasgow

Etats des Lieux
group show with Stéphane Devidal and Jacques Bonnard,


Scène Blakam Stage for a concert,
with Blakam group,
Docks, Les Urbaines, Lausanne

Le Blakam
Swiss Art Awards, Messe, Basel

Blakam Drawings publication,
Sang Bleu, Palais de Tokyo, Paris

Unter 30
group show with Blakam group,
Kunsthaus langenthal, Langenthal

Made By ECAL
group show, Elac, Renens


Blakam Festival
3 nights of concerts,
Blakam, Forde, Geneva

Blakam Blakam
Swiss Art Awards, Messe, Basel

Unter 30
Blakam madame,
Centre Pasquart, Bienne

Minigolf show
organised by Mélodie Mousset,
Circuit, Lausanne

Blakam et Le Percussioniste
concert with Serge Vuille, espace Bellevaux, Lausanne

Blakam et le saxophoniste et l’électronicien en direct
concert with Brice Catherin and Laurent Estoppey
Espace Bellevaux, Lausanne


Blakam & artist group and art space
in collaboration with Stéphane Devidal and Nicolas Party, Espace Bellevaux, Lausanne


Cahiers d’artistes,
monograph, text by Yann Chateigné, Pro Helvetia, Lucerne, 2017

Il frutto dentro di me,
with Andreas Hochuli, texts by Raffael Dörig, Jaques Bonnard, Nicolas Brühlart, Anne Sylvie Henchoz, Andreas Hochuli and Elise Lammer, Kunsthaus Langenthal, 2015

Novembre, issue 4, fall/winter 11-12,
Charlotte Herzig by Philippe Därendinger